Waterdeep: Darkness Rising

The Company Returns

The Company of the Blue Axe returns to Waterdeep, although very few people know this. After being trapped beneath Mount Waterdeep for the past six years, victims of a spell that removed them from the flow of time, they were released and brought back to Castle Waterdeep while under magical disguise.

They spent a month in the castle, learning about what had happened to the city since their disappearance, and finding ways to adapt to inexplicable changes that occurred to magic and their own abilities and skills. Finally, the Open Lord of Waterdeep, Piergeiron, has decided it was time for the Company to resume their duties… albeit still under disguise.

Accompanied by two members of the Gray Hand Enforcers and an aspiring sorceress, the band ventured into the shadowy recesses of lost South Ward. The entire ward had been walled off, and as they investigated, they discovered areas of impassable darkness, the diary of one of the victims, and mysterious creatures that posed little challenge. They found a powerful necromancer who seemed to be in the process of doing something when they interrupted. They managed to defeat the old man and his foul servants, then discovered a way to break the dark enchantment that covered Caravan Court. They returned quickly to Castle Waterdeep to rest from their ordeals… but with more questions than answers.



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