Jenneth "Jenny" Flamehair

A human mage that has helped the party as much as they've helped her


What is known about her skills is that she is a very talented wizard with a particular affinity for fire-based spells. However, she also is capable of casting teleportation and divination spells, too. It is commonly believed that she is not a specialist.

She has shown some proficiency with daggers and staves, and is believed to own an amulet that conceals her location from magical scrying. She tries to keep her full potential hidden, so very few are aware of her true strengths.


She tends to be secretive and reclusive, so very little of her background is public knowledge. “Jenny” is likely not even her real name. However, the players have worked with her enough to learn some of her history.

She was an apprentice for a wizard known as Argus the Demon-Master, who had his tower “somewhere in the North.” She was content with her duties as an apprentice until she came across information about Argus’ plans. The powerful wizard planned to pursue undeath, and he intended all his apprentices to be transformed into powerful undead creatures as well. As for Jenny, she was destined to be his wife in undeath. Horrified by the prospect, she fled the tower… taking a few of Argus’ spellbooks and an amulet to disguise her location for good measure.

She traveled around for a while until settling down in the City of Splendors, Waterdeep. While there, she somehow befriended a gargoyle named Grykk, which enjoyed living on her roof while she practiced fortune telling and minor divinations within her home. The Company of the Blue Axe befriended her and, after they helped to defend her from the attacks of Argus’ apprentices and minions, she offered to help them in exchange by using her teleportation spells to provide quick access to an abandoned obsidian mine and temple to Kossuth, located in a volcano near the border of Cormyr.

Jenny hasn’t been seen in Waterdeep since the Company of the Blue Axe disappeared six years ago. The Hidden Lords would like the opportunity to speak with her, however, for her stony companion Grykk has emerged as one of the top lieutenants of the incursion into South Ward by the worshippers of Shar. A few people believe this could be indicative of Jenny shifting her allegiance to the Lady of Loss, but most suspect that Jenny may actually be deceased, torn asunder by her “pet gargoyle.”

Jenneth "Jenny" Flamehair

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