A waif of a girl who lucked out


A human woman who has just turned 20, but still looks like a girl. Thin to the point of looking emaciated, she fails to provide much of a physical presence. Her eyes are sharp and clear, however, showing some degree of intelligence.


A former neighbor of Talyn Moonbow’s at Gorthan’s Boarding House in South Ward, she had a very bleak outlook on life. The party helped to bring her back from the depreditations of the church of Shar, giving her a renewed sense of optimism and hope. She has converted to the worship of Lathander, and although she has never regained the health she lost, she has gained a confidence that keeps her going.

The Company of the Blue Axe managed to find and destroy a shrine devoted to Beshaba, the goddess of bad luck, in Sea Ward. Among the possessions was the deed to the building. The structure was given to Milander Starfinder’s mother, Magnolia, and converted into a tavern called the Rising Sun. Peneloth serves as the chief proprietor of the building, not only serving drinks but also keeping a close eye on the ledgers to make sure the books balance.


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